Competition Springs Kit For Beretta 92/96/98

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Eemann Tech Competition Springs Kit for Beretta 92/96/98 and their models. All the springs in this kit are made for the best performance in competition and to produce better competition results. 

If you want to upgrade your Beretta 92/96/98 and their models for competition, this is the right kit for you. These springs are designed to work together in your pistol to provide the best recoil management, feel and function of your Beretta in competition.

Take your Beretta to the next level and upgrade it with the Eemann Tech Competition Springs Kit.

Installation of competition springs decreases the trigger weight with a two time reduction. Single Action trigger pull weight is reduced to 1,5kg, Double Action trigger pull weight is reduced to 2,8 kg.


  • ET-241045 Eemann Tech Competition Firing Pin Spring for Beretta 92/96/98 - 1pc.
  • ET-241046 Eemann Tech Competition Trigger Spring for Beretta 92/96/98 - 1pc.
  • ET-241047 Eemann Tech Competition Trigger Bar Spring for Beretta 92/96/98 - 1pc.
  • ET-241048 Eemann Tech Competition Sear Spring for Beretta 92/96/98 - 1pc.
  • ET-241009 Eemann Tech Recoil Spring for Beretta 92/96/98 - 9lbs - 1pc.
  • ET-241032 Eemann Tech Main Spring for Beretta 92/96/98 - 12lbs - 1pc.


  • Beretta 92/96/98 and their models

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