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SCT Pro from Romtes is a completely unique electronic shooting target with many possibilities, ideal for the active shooter, shooting clubs, and service personnel.

The SCT Pro is a wireless range target system that includes a fully mobile armor protected target stand and a Personal Display Device. The Personal Display Device shows all hits on the range targets, as well as the location of hits by scoring zones.

The system has a range of up to 1500 meters, ideal for those who train frequently, switch between weapons and ranges, and want an all-in-one shooting target experience that can be taken anywhere.

SCT Pro can be used by one or more shooters simultaneously (up to 8 hit zones). It is compatible with all hand weapons and rifle calibers up to .308/7.62.

Main features

  • Wireless with range up to 1500m
  • Mobile and foldable stand for easy transportation
  • Replaceable and multiple types of targets
  • Electronics protected with armored steel
  • Weather-resistant
  • Continuous logging of hits
  • Cost-effective targets (replaced after approximately 600-800 hits)


Robust and reliable - SCT Pro registers hits with 98% reliability and only records direct hits (i.e., no ricochets). The targets have a lifespan of 600 to 800 hits and can be easily replaced as needed.

Increased safety - Reduces the need to go downrange.

Mobile - SCT Pro is a mobile wireless system with a total weight of 10kg. The stand can be easily folded for transport and set up for use in under 5 minutes.

Time-efficient - You save time on the range that would otherwise be spent on target marking, control, and patching. The time spent is significantly reduced, allowing you to get more out of your training.

Versatile - Train with any weapon and caliber you want (from .22LR to .308) in almost any weather conditions. Train at distances of up to 1500m.

Real-time hit information - SCT Pro provides you with immediate feedback on hits, hit zones, splits, and more.


Courses & Training - Increase safety on the range and make better use of your time with electronic shooting targets. The system is mobile and can be set up almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors. SCT Pro costs far less than traditional electronic shooting targets, is more flexible, and can be moved between ranges. The same target can be used by multiple shooters, in parallel or in series.

Long-range shooting/PRS - SCT Pro is suitable for those who shoot with or without spotters/guides. Hits at long range can be difficult to spot. SCT Pro has a range of up to 1500m and provides immediate feedback. Take the system with you out into the field or onto the range.

Dynamic shooting training - SCT Pro has a range of multi-zone shooting targets that can be customized for multiple training routines. You get real-time results, avoid the need for spotting scopes and patching paper targets. Save time and focus on training! SCT Pro is intended for rough calibers and is ideal for 9mm. The electronics in the stand are safely protected behind an armored steel plate.

Service personnel - SCT Pro was originally developed to meet the needs of operational service personnel, including police and military special forces. The system can be transported and used almost anywhere. We have a special range of targets for service personnel and transport cases. Contact us for more information.


  • 1 piece of target clamp with antenna and rechargeable battery
  • 1 piece of display unit with antenna and rechargeable battery
  • 1 piece of four-armed foldable stand with hex key
  • 1 piece of armored plate for protection of target clamp
  • 1 universal USB charger

Targets are sold separately (various types available).



Number of hit zones
Up to 8, depending on target
98% accuracy (no sensor adjustment for distance or caliber)
Ports Micro USB for charging, pop-up port for firmware updates
Voltage 3.7V, rechargeable
Operating temperature -25°C to 60 °C
Wireless range
Up to 1500 meters (direct line of sight)
Battery life Up to 140 hours
Standard is black. Can also be supplied in NATO-Olive, Light Brown (beige) or other colors upon request.
Weight, stand 5,3 kg
Weight, target clamp 0,7 kg
Weight, protection plate 3,5 kg (5.56, 9mm, 7.62)
Weight, anti-recoil protection 0,5 kg
Total weight
10 kg
810 mm when the stand is unfolded
775 mm when the stand is folded
Assembly time Up to 2 minutes
Material Plastic and aluminium


Romtes er en produsent av elektroniske skyteskiver som i 25 år har spesialisert seg på interaktive treningssystemer for militær bruk. SCT - Short Circuit Target System, er et robust elektronisk skyteskive system med et enkelt driftsprinsipp. Systemet er tilnærmet vedlikeholdsfritt, kan benyttes på store avstandar og er velegnet for både pistol og rifle kaliber.

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