Triton No. 3 - AR 9x19mm

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Are you looking for a small and lightweight suppressor for your 9mm PCC rifle?

The TRITON 3 from Aimsport is a front-mounted suppressor for rifles/PCC using 9 mm (9×19 / .357 Magnum) pistol ammunition. The suppressor also comes in a variant for .223 caliber (5.7mm/.222 to 6.7mm/.260).

This version of Triton no. 3 is delivered without the Soft-Touch coating found on regular Triton suppressors. This is done to prevent the smoke that can otherwise occur when the suppressor becomes very hot during shooting.

With its low weight and diameter, this suppressor is barely noticeable when mounted.

Like all suppressors in the Triton series from Aimsport, this model has a steel interior and is built to withstand intense training shooting.

Technical data

½x28 UNEF
Total length
148 mm
Extension in front of the barrel 133 mm
Diameter 42 mm
Weight 250 g
Material Stainless steel & aluminum w/Soft-Touch surface
Noise reduction
Up to 26dB
5 years
Country of manufacture


Triton suppressors are designed to require minimal maintenance. However, there are a couple of things that are particularly important to note:

Always remove the suppressor from the weapon after hunting/shooting and let it dry at room temperature. We recommend removing the front and cleaning and lubricating the threads to avoid them seizing. Normally, this is the only cleaning required.

A more thorough cleaning can be done if the front does not loosen evenly or if there is a buildup of dirt inside the suppressor. Clean the threads with gun cleaning solvent and let them dry. Cleaning the inside of the suppressor is best done with dedicated suppressor cleaner. After cleaning – let it dry and lubricate the threads, then reassemble the suppressor.

Avoid lubricants that contain metal, such as copper paste or similar.

Always protect the weapon's threads with a thread protector when the suppressor is not mounted.

IMPORTANT: Never put Triton suppressors in an ultrasonic cleaner as this can damage the Soft Touch coating on the outside of the suppressor.

IMPORTANT REGARDING WARRANTY: If the threads seize due to lack of maintenance, the warranty cannot be claimed.


Aimsport er en ledende svensk produsent av lyddempere, kjent for sin dedikasjonen til presisjon og kvalitet. Som en viktig komponent i et våpensystem, er det avgjørende at både komponentproduksjon og sluttmontasje utføres med største nøyaktighet. Med all produksjon i Sverige, har Aimsport full kontroll over alle aspekter av produktutviklingen, noe som sikrer at hver eneste lyddemper leverer topp ytelse. Aimsport tilbyr en fem års garanti på alle produkter i Triton-serien.

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