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Showing 1 - 24 of 36 products
Splint, 91cm/36"Splint, 91cm/36"
Norse Rescue Splint, 91cm/36"
Sale price 124 kr
Compressed Gauze, Z-FoldCompressed Gauze, Z-Fold
Norse Rescue Compressed Gauze, Z-Fold
Sale priceFrom 43 kr
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EMT Tactical ShearsEMT Tactical Shears
Norse Rescue EMT Tactical Shears
Sale priceFrom 66 kr
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Trauma Bandage 4"Trauma Bandage 4"
Norse Rescue Trauma Bandage 4"
Sale priceFrom 85 kr
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Emergency BlanketEmergency Blanket
Norse Rescue Emergency Blanket
Sale priceFrom 18 kr
Cohesive BandageCohesive Bandage
Norse Rescue Cohesive Bandage
Sale priceFrom 28 kr
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Eye ShieldEye Shield
Norse Rescue Eye Shield
Sale price 37 kr
Trauma Bandage 6"Trauma Bandage 6"
Norse Rescue Trauma Bandage 6"
Sale priceFrom 91 kr
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Nasal Airway (NPA)Nasal Airway (NPA)
Norse Rescue Nasal Airway (NPA)
Sale price 47 kr
Compressed Gauze, RolledCompressed Gauze, Rolled
Norse Rescue Compressed Gauze, Rolled
Sale priceFrom 57 kr
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Nitrile GlovesNitrile Gloves
Norse Rescue Nitrile Gloves
Sale priceFrom 34 kr
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Oropharyngeal Airway (OPA)Oropharyngeal Airway (OPA)
Norse Rescue Oropharyngeal Airway (OPA)
Sale price 12 kr
NORSE RESCUE® Elastic Crepe Bandage
Permanent MarkerPermanent Marker
Norse Rescue Permanent Marker
Sale price 18 kr
EMT Shears
Norse Rescue EMT Shears
Sale price 47 kr
Bleeding Kit, Small
Norse Rescue Bleeding Kit, Small
Sale price 239 kr
Combat TapeCombat Tape
Norse Rescue Combat Tape
Sale priceFrom 37 kr
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Chest Seal Non-VentedChest Seal Non-Vented
Norse Rescue Chest Seal Non-Vented
Sale priceFrom 187 kr
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Triangular BandageTriangular Bandage
Norse Rescue Triangular Bandage
Sale price 14 kr
Bleeding Kit, Large
Norse Rescue Bleeding Kit, Large
Sale price 892 kr
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Chest Seal VentedChest Seal Vented
Norse Rescue Chest Seal Vented
Sale priceFrom 162 kr Regular price 811 kr
Rescue BreatherRescue Breather
Norse Rescue Rescue Breather
Sale price 66 kr
IFAK II - Individual First Aid KitIFAK II - Individual First Aid Kit
Norse Rescue IFAK II - Individual First Aid Kit
Sale priceFrom 955 kr
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